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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sexual Anthology

Soon, I will have a story in the New York Tyrant. This is good.

I read another story that's going to be in the same issue (that is, the first issue) and it was very short, totally insane, and really good. One story that appears in the first issue will win $3000. It would be great if that story were mine; that story will not be mine.

My story is called "Sexual Anthology." It is four separate episodes involving different characters. Here are seven sentences from the second one.

A bit later.

I like printing very short excerpts from my stories here. I'm not sure why I like this so much.

All the episodes in "Sexual Anthology" are a little bizarre; the parts printed above are somewhat humorous; other parts are not funny. Of the four episodes, one is largely based on fact. The others are made up but set in places familiar to me.

The story also has severed heads and tumors, which I put in my stories a lot. Surprisingly, though, I don't think there are any dogs (but there are squirrels).

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peter said...

I would say this New York Tyrant has his or her act together, publishing something like this. Well done. Why doesn't everyone know about New York Tyrant? I think they should.