brothercyst: Snake-fish

Friday, March 24, 2006


I don't like Raymond Carver's stories, except for one or two, particularly a story the name of which escapes my mind.

It is the first story in one of his collections. In it, a boy fakes sick from school then decides to go fishing. He meets a strange other boy and in the river they see a long, sickly-looking, mean-faced fish that is bigger than any of the other fish they've seen. Somehow they manage to catch it, but then with great pride they fight over who will get it, eventually hacking it in half, then fighting over who will get what half. The main character gets the head half and takes it home. When he happily shows it to his parents, his mother recoils in horror and yells something like, "Get that thing out of here! That's not a fish, it's a snake!"

Yes, that's how life is.


reader of depressing books said...

i like that story too

he has another story where a guy gets laid off and stays at home

the freezer breaks

and they eat pork chops

it had a good ending

NickAntosca said...

I remember the pork chops story; I didn't really like that one.

Most of his stories annoy me a little. They seem all affect. I like the snake-fish one because there seems something vaguely delirious and unholy about it, like you're in someone's nightmare but you only suspect it's a nightmare because every once in a one you glimpse things sort of flickering around the edges.

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