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Friday, April 07, 2006

art thing

I went to the opening of a Matthew Barney art thing last night.

Having nothing better to do, I went alone and wandered around in it. I ran into people there, people from college and from here and there, around.

There were some fascinating drawings on the walls, tiny intricate things with tied-up, sexually ambiguous, possibly amphibious half-humans. I liked those.

The "sculptures" were sort of not so interesting. I liked one that looked like a couple tons of butter all over the floor. The others were boring and looked flimsy.

I didn't write anything then.

I dreamed my canine teeth turned kind of blackish and broke in half, and also that I was filming a movie where some person with a deep injury in his leg was being pursued through a snowy subdivision at night, near Christmas.

But when I was in a meeting today, I wrote these things

"I want some fucking apple pie"


"Body invaded by yawns."


Gelsinger said...

where is the matthew barney thing?

too many things last night


Paris Review


and isn't thursday Survivor night? People should be smart enough not to schedule anything on thursdays.

NickAntosca said...

What was the paris review?

Gelsinger said...

I don't know. Katya gave me shit for not going to it, whatever it was. "Everybody was there." I have no idea what she's talking about.

Where was/is the Barney?

NickAntosca said...

I never heard of any Paris Review thing.

Why don't I hear about these things.

Barney was at some gallery, the link is in the post and also here:

reader of depressing books said...

i didn't hear of any paris review things

nick, i took out the trash, both of them