brothercyst: my dreams are vivid these days

Thursday, April 06, 2006

my dreams are vivid these days

I had the most unnerving dream last night.

I was living in my old house, my parents' house. From my room upstairs I could see into the second floor of a neighboring house, into a little secret attic room that no one else could see into. They had gone on vacation or something and hired an obese old woman to housesit. She had died in the attic, though, slumped in a chair. I was looking through the window and hour after hour, I would see her sitting there, growing increasingly grey. Soft fuzzy mold was growing on her, sort of like mouse fur.

At the end it turned out that some kids had been sneaking into the house the whole time and um, doing things to the body (although I hadn't seen this through the window). They'd thought she was only asleep, and now they had gotten some disease you only catch from the dead.

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