brothercyst: Sunday, Fires, Valzhyna, Scotsmen, great authors

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday, Fires, Valzhyna, Scotsmen, great authors

I wrote a new scene for Fires this morning.

Yes: relief.

It is only two pages but it is one of the few really important revisions.

This makes me happy.

At five I saw several fine poets read. Matthew Zapruder was one - he was good - and after him was the extraordinary Belarussian poet Valzhyna Mort, who I went specifically to see.

To hear Valzhyna is always a pleasure. Her poem "White Apples" is great. (In point of fact, I am not sure that is actually the poem's title - I am not sure the poems
have titles - but it is about white apples, so, uh, let's just call it that.)

And she's an incredible reader. Her reading is scary and violent.

I feel like Valzhyna and James Salter are the best readers I have seen.

If you have never read James Salter: fix that.

Then at KGB I saw Suzanne Dottino for the first time in over a month, which was good. And I saw two Scottish writers who were excellent. Alan Bissett (razor-sharp, and a very good reader) and Rodge Glass (clearly an excellent writer, although I missed a few minutes because Valzhyna called). He is also the biographer of Alasdair Gray, author of Lanark. So we know Mr. Glass has superb taste.

If you have never read Alasdair Gray: fix that.

Go on. Now.

Lanark seems, incomprehensibly, to be out of print. What the fuck. I bought a copy on Amazon barely two years ago.

Just buy it used, Alasdair Gray is great. James Salter is, too.

In fact, I have a lot to say about both those authors, particularly Salter (because I need to read more of Gray).

Of course, no one is reading this, so I'm saying it to myself.

That's all right, my most spirited conversations are with myself.

So I will write about James Salter. Soon.