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Monday, April 24, 2006

this is sad

This Kaavya Viswanathan person, a woman at Harvard who maybe wrote a book and definitely got lots of money for it, is being accused of plagiarism.

Her book's title is something about "Got Kissed" and "Got Wild," meaning that I would probably not like this book or under normal circumstances care about it except to be sad that its author got a quarter of a million dollars for writing something with "Got Kissed" and "Got Wild" in the title.

However, I was interviewed about this a couple weeks ago. A reporter at Harvard somehow found my site or something I had written, or heard about Fires. He thought I might have something to say about being relatively young and having a book deal. I didn't, really.

The interview was for
this article.

My quotes were never used, and for several good reasons.

One, I was unnecessarily rude to the reporter, since I do not trust reporters.

Also, the reporter, Leon Neyfakh, seemed to be under the impression that I had actually gotten a bunch of money, like the other people in the article. Sadly, no. I hadn't even heard of Kaavya Viswanathan. So nothing I had to say was very relevant. And some of the things I said weren't pleasant.

Now I wish my quotes had been used.

Neyfakh's final article, without my quotes, is fascinating. You can almost feel him gritting his teeth because he knows the Viswanathan book is not good, but he has to write something not-vicious.

Then, later, he got a chance to say exactly what he thought of it.

I like the second article better than the first one. Neyfakh is a good reviewer.

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