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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

cab driver sex

I just took a cab home from work (which the company pays for, since I stayed so late, and for so long) and met a stereotypically talkative cab driver (accent: Arabic).

(For the most part, I've found cab drivers aren't a very good-tempered bunch [understandable, particularly with the gas prices]. I got into an ugly argument with one the other day when he yelled at me for getting out of his cab while it was stuck in traffic. What was I supposed to do, stay in the cab as charity and have him take me further than I needed to go? Anyway, the cab driver tonight was awesome.)

He said: "I'm tired. Some guy is painting my apartment and he comes at 8 a.m. and I go to sleep at 1 or 2 a.m. I drink like ten cups of coffee a day. Strong coffee. This is my life." A pause. I asked if he was born in New York. "I just got here. Twenty-five years ago." Another pause. We have a little more conversation; I can't remember the transition. "All I do is work and make love. Work and make love. Work, make money, make love. Other people care about stupid things. People get in my cab and ask me about the Yankees. 'Did you see the Yankees?' 'No, I was making love.' What do I care about Yankees. Sex is the only important thing in life. Not the most important thing, the only important thing. If we're all going to die, that's the only important thing, except one thing when we die, which is, Is there a god or not?"

He continued: "Let's say there is a god, he made sex, he put that in us, and so it's good. And even if, let's say there isn't a god, then, well, sex is still in us, so, you see..."

I interrupted, trying to help out: "If there isn't a god, then it would probably be wrong to say that sex is good because it seems not so likely that there would be any 'good' or 'bad' except in each person's personal system, and everybody's is going to be unique even if only in subtle ways. And if that's the case, then sex is a biological drive and it still might actually be defensible in an evolutionary sense, if we assume we're talking kind of colloquially, to say that sex is the 'only important thing' since it's the engine that drives the survival of our species."

Him: "So, right, yeah, then there would be a god."

Me: "Well, that's not really what I --"

Him (sort of wistfully): "Yeah. Sex is the only important thing."

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