brothercyst: Crowley!

Friday, May 12, 2006


Wow: John Crowley has a livejournal. This is amazing.

I'm not sure why it is amazing, but it definitely is.

Even though I know him, I sort of picture him as this reclusive, slightly cranky genius. Do they have livejournals? I guess so.

Also, I just bought (well, signed up for) what promises to be a beautiful edition of Little, Big, his masterpiece. It's $95, but whatever. Worth it.

He's a seriously intense writer. His novels are mostly about secret histories - fake histories of the world and humankind. And his short stories are frequently brilliant. Read this collection.

A cult exists of people totally obsessed with his writing. I'm not one of the obsessed people, probably because I don't understand gnosticism all that well, but I think he's a fucking great writer and I wanted to study with him since I was fifteen or sixteen.

Crowley was my professor at Yale. I wasn't an English major, so I had to fight to get into writing classes. He taught Advanced Fiction. I submitted my application for the seminar, but since I wasn't an English major, or a creative writing concentrator, and I hadn't taken any of the prerequisites, they just threw my application away and he never even saw it, so I didn't get into the class. But then I tracked him down and he read my writing sample and let me come to class on the first day, and someone who had been admitted decided not to take it, so I got in.

After that I did two independent studies with him, meaning that for a year I wrote on my own and we met from time to time to talk about writing. Technically you're not supposed to do two independent studies, but we sort of twisted the red tape around.

In his most recent posts, Crowley has been talking about gaps in his reading. Fuck, most of the books he's embarrassed he hasn't gotten to yet are ones I've never even heard of.


Wes said...

Ha, that is amazing! I had him for a screenwriting class -- now I'm going to have to read his journal and check out his friends page as well. There may be a secret world of academian writers' blogs that we have yet to discover! One of these things appears to be written entirely in Russian. Neat.

NickAntosca said...

Isn't it, though? Now I have to read it every day. Next we'll find that Thomas Pynchon has a mypsace account.

NickAntosca said...

With music.