brothercyst: excerpt

Tuesday, May 09, 2006



Trevor Johnson said...

I liked this. I wish I could come up with odd stories that go in indeterminable directions. I enjoy reading them, but I never can pull it off. After you place this I'd like to read it in its entirety.

And, in that poker tourney, Lederer and Duke were there? That's cool. I think Amy Duke is better than her brother. The Professor... He's too careful, almost overly analytical. What did you have to do there?

NickAntosca said...

Yeah. This story's actually very short, something like 2000 words, but it's kind of written in a flat weird style that's not something I ever used to do. That's what prompted me to write that earlier post about inconsistent voice.

At the poker tournament, I was supposed to take care of re-buys. But it was pretty loosely organized, and I didn't actually do anything. There were writers all over the place. Jonathan Lethem, Darin Strauss, Darren Aronofsky (not a writer in the same sense, natch), Donald Antrim etc, etc. Annie and Howard both got knocked out relatively early - surprising. Annie kept talking loudly on her cell phone as she was playing.