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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Nothing in the World (2)

Last night I read Roy Kesey's novella Nothing in the World. It was very good...very strong. There were interruptive italicized stories that I could've done without. They were in third person and distracted from the immediacy of the main character's experience, which Kesey describes powerfully and without misstep.

Interestingly, when Kesey described the book before reading from it a couple weeks ago, he said the main character gets "lobotomized" by flying shrapnel early on. And he does. But he character doesn't change much at all.

The part where he gets captured and tortured for desertion and no one believes him when he tells his name, since he has become a legendary war hero in his absence, is great. The moment where he must steal pears from an orchard and an old man with a stick catches him (then becomes a young man with a rifle and is quickly dispatched) is also nice.

All in all, a pleasurable read. Very short, incidentally - readable in 90 minutes or so.

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