brothercyst: Nothing in the World

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Nothing in the World

Twice in the past two days, I saw this person Roy Kesey read. Sunday night at KGB and again Monday night at The Back Room as part of an event for Opium Magazine. He read from Nothing in the World, his novella. I liked the first excerpt but didn't have enough money to buy a copy. I really liked it the second time, and I did have the money, so I bought it. If the excerpts he read are any indication, Kesey's a terrific writer, and I'm really looking forward to reading.

Right now I'm rereading American Psycho, though, because I haven't read it since I've been living in Manhattan, which changes one's perspective on certain sections.


Susan Henderson said...

Hi Nick,

Nice to see you on Monday.


NickAntosca said...

Nice to see you, too. I really liked your story. It was a good night - everyone did really well, I thought.