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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A spreader of "defeatist propaganda"

A very interesting writer of short stories has come to my attention.

Daniil Kharms

Sort of, maybe, like Cortazar or Gombrowicz, two of my favorites.

I like this story.

And this one.

And this, too.

And especially this one.

Read them, they're really short.

Thanks to Hel O. for the introduction.

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Trevor Johnson said...

I wonder what his children's stories were like?

I read the three stories you linked to, and liked each one. I will read all of the stories when I have more time. I wish I could write like that, concise and very odd.

I think the story behind the man is very interesting yet sad. I tend to like fiction by writers who have suffered a good deal, whether it is forced or self imposed. Most of the time I'll come across a writer I really enjoy and not be aware of the suffering until later.

"I don't drink, I don't bet on horses, but I like ladies. And ladies don't mind me." This line made me think of Bukowski, and then the suffering that links Kharms and Buk.