brothercyst: Spiderman 3 is shooting outside my apartment this second

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Spiderman 3 is shooting outside my apartment this second

I went outside about two hours ago to get a sandwich and Spiderman 3 is shooting a big crowd scene. None of the stars are there as far as I could tell, but Sam Raimi is. (This isn't unusual. Inside Man was shooting here when I moved in last summer, and it seems like every other weekend there is some commercial or TV show shooting on William or Wall Street or Exchange Place.)

Trying to get through the crowd to the deli, I ended up right in the middle of a scene. Everyone around me was a "background artist" - a paid extra. Most of the women were very pretty, and the men all had "colorful" faces - fat or strange or somehow distinctive. Sam Raimi got on a big chair with a megaphone and gave directions.

He said, "In this scene, two villains have teamed up and they are using this girl for bait to lure Spiderman here! She's hanging off that building up there! Except the building is really going to be a construction site, but we're pretending here - so just look at the building and pretend its a crane..." Then everyone had to gasp when the girl slipped or something. I said (in a normal voice, not yelling), "Look, it's Batman!"

Then another shot - Raimi said, "Now one of these guys, this monster, is going to GROW. First he's this tall...then this tall...then this tall [at this point the monster is apparently as big as a building] we need to establish an eyeline. Be scared!"

As an aside, what Spiderman villain can grow? The villains in this movie are Sandman and Venom. What does Sandman do...illusions? Venom doesn't grow.

Anyway, after I was in like five shots, this woman working for the production came over to me and said, "Who are you?"

I said, "Uh, nobody."

She said, "That's what it looks like. Get out of the shot."

Then I went and got a sandwich, which had a ton of bacon, avocado, and brie. Delicious.


Mr. Murdoch said...

Sandman, buddy, Sandman. He's rumored to grow to some 80-feet by the end of the movie. The other guy Raimi is speaking of is probably Venom. Guess what? Green Goblin is also in this movie! And one more villain! Surprised yet??

Your blog is hilarious. I used to love near where you do. I miss NYC.

Mr. Murdoch said...

Sorry, meant "I used to LIVE..." But yeah, I did some lovin' there, too... ;-)

NickAntosca said...

Sandman grows? Yeah, I'm assuming the other bad guy in the scene is Venom. Who is the fourth villain? Crazy!

I love living down here. Rents are rising, though, and I might have to move. Tragic. My favorite sushi restaurant is on Pine and William. Should know by Tuesday.

Ian said...

That's pretty sweet, Nick. I keep hoping I'll have something similar happen to me one day, but the best I can hope for in the 'Lou is to find myself swept up in a Nelly video -- although my conspicuous absence of diamond grillz would get me instantly nixed from the scene.

Really, though, Nelly and I are tight, yo.

NickAntosca said...

How ironic. I think they threw me out of the Spiderman shot *because* of my diamond grillz.

Alex said...

According to Danny Elfman, Sam Raimi became a wholly different person, monstrously different, some time during the shooting of Spider-Man 2--and Elfman ascribed it to commercial aspirations. They'd worked together since Army of Darkness, but Danny said after that movie that he would never work with Sam Raimi again.

So if Sam Raimi was a dick, just remember, Danny Elfman saw it coming.

Grant said...

I've heard Danny Elfman can be a dick as well. So I don't know if I can take his side of the story. Most people who've worked with Raimi usually have nothing but good things to say about him. Only people I've heard say negative things about him are Elfman and Russell Crowe.

NickAntosca said...

When did Russell Crowe work with Raimi?

I can hear them right now, outside my window, setting up to shoot again tonight...they've basically taken over like five blocks of the financial district. It's getting pretty irritating.

Grant said...

Crowe was in The Quick and The Dead.

The financial district is always noisy. I used to live on Water Street and there seemed like there was always construction or something.

NickAntosca said...

Oh, never knew Raimi directed that. For what it's worth, Raimi seemed like a cool guy while he was directing the scene I briefly watched.

It's funny - when my friends come over at night they say, "Oh. It's so *quiet* here."

It's just relative, though. One of my friends lives just above Times Square and on the twelfth floor you can still hear the street musicians playing various percussive instruments.

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