brothercyst: talent is attractive

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

talent is attractive

I was listening to the songs "Werewolf" and "Maybe Not" by Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power on repeat for about two weeks while I worked on something I've been recently writing.

Chan Marshall is gorgeous.

She's playing tonight at a place called Hiro which is not far from from my apartment, and I don't have tickets.

Fuck, I want to go.

And, oh, another one. That last one is possibly slightly not safe for work. Hard to tell. Sexy either way.


Trevor Johnson said...

I've always wondered what other writers listened to while working - if anything at all.

I tend to fall back on Aphex Twin: Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 as a staple.

I also like Yo La Tengo: And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out, and Khonner: Handwriting.

I have a few Amon Tobin albums that I want to put on my computer. I think they would be good to write to.

Sometimes I will listen to Bright Eyes or Minus the Bear or Dredge, but it is rare. The singing isn't hushed and it messes with me, pulls me from concentration. Usually I reserve music like this for outlining or doing quick research on the internet.

NickAntosca said...

I like Erik Satie for writing very late at night.

Ian, who also comments on here once in a while, recommended Pearl Jam's song "Fatal" to me, and I listened to that a lot while writing one thing.