brothercyst: strange dream involving "water tigers" and my past

Sunday, September 10, 2006

strange dream involving "water tigers" and my past

Sometimes I write down my dreams right after I wake up, and this one was so vivid and odd, I think I'll post it:

9/10/06: In the dream I was about 18 or 19. My family went to visit the home of some people we've been friends with for a long time (in "real life" they were our neighbors when I was very young). I'll call them Dave and June. In the dream they had a kid who was about my age (this kid was also someone I used to know outside of the dream, although he was not the son of our neighbors). The home where we went to visit them was out in the woods, newly built. It seemed to be just outside of Houston, Texas. We walked around in the forest with them outside their house. The other kid, whose name was Evan, was saying rather menacing things to me. I couldn't get rid of the feeling that I was in serious danger. There were three dogs around us, all of them large and brindled, like pit bull mixes, but bigger than pit bulls. Then the father, Dave, took out a massive gun--it was a gun the size of that huge rifle the villain uses at the end of Robocop. (This is based I think on an incident from my childhood where I went over to our neighbors' house--the same neighbors featured in the dream--and he showed me an unbelievable collection of weaponry. I was about seven, I think. He worked for the government and had a small arsenal in his home, including assault rifles that it would be unthinkable for a regular citizen to own.) He fired this massive rifle at a patch of ground some distance away. It blasted a little crater in the earth, and in the crater a sort of jellyish skin formed. It was a little bigger around than a manhole cover and it was slightly stiff, so that when I went to retrieve it and pick it up, it retained its shape. It was like a giant, thick contact lens.

I lifted it up to the sky and looked through it. It distorted colors and the sky was purple--it was like being in a swimming pool and looking up at the sky from underwater. Then something happened--I entered what seemed to be a dream within the dream. To the best of my knowledge this has never happened to me before. In the dream within the dream, I was still in the woods outside Houston Texas. But something very bad was going to happen. The sky was dark and when I looked into the distance there was a mountain covered in yellow grass and a dog or a man (I can't remember) was standing on the top of it, looking at me. Either the dog was very dark and brindled or the man was wearing a long dark fur coat. Whatever it was had glowing eyes that had no white, they were just pupils. I started to run. Whatever it was was chasing me. I ran toward a concrete compound that seemed to be in the desert, and it changed into a rock formation that was like a rock formation I remember climbing on with my dad as a little kid. Then I realized that I was being chased not through physical space but through a landscape of my own memories. This thing that was chasing me--it seemed at this point to be in the shape of a human being about my age--could leap very far. I could leap too, but not as far, so I had to try and outwit the thing. I ran across an open field but the thing was behind me and could go faster and was quickly closing the distance, so I ducked inside

a building that had many underground passageways. The building was the library I went to when I was young. I tricked the thing that was chasing me by doubling back many times, and when I emerged from the library I was in an idyllic field with a nice, shady tree. There was a naked, motionless woman, possibly a very realistic statue, holding a banner that said, "High School." That made me strangely relieved. I could feel that the thing was still chasing me, but it didn't know where I was.

Then I woke up from the dream within a dream. I was not awake in "reality" though, I was just in a shallower level of dreaming. In this part of the dream my family was in the news. Apparently while driving through Houston (in the dream, Houston was a coastal city, and driving through it you could look out your car window and see huge waves in the ocean) we had managed to kill something called a "water tiger" that lived in the ocean by booing at it. We didn't even know what a "water tiger" was. It turned out that it was a regular bulldog that had somehow become an aquatic creature. When we looked out on the ocean outside Houston, we could see bulldogs paddling around in the ten-story-tall waves. I wondered what they ate out there and then I saw a bored-looking one eat a floating kiwi fruit, and I wondered how many floating kiwi fruits there could really be in the ocean off the coast of Houston, Texas. It seemed that "water tigers" were very beloved to the people of Houston, and my little brother had booed at one, which somehow caused it to get covered in bloody scars and die, and then its carcass washed up on the beach, and the city of Houston was angry at our family.


Trevor Johnson said...

This is cool. I have a friend who has dreams like this. I don't. I was wondering:

Was it a lucid dream? Did you know you were dreaming?

The thing on the mountain covered in yellow grass -- great visual. Do you remember what color the glowing eyes were?

And do you or did you ever have a pitbull or a bulldog?

I don't put any stock into dream analysis, but I do wish I could have a dream like that. What I remember is brief and odd, but not like what you posted. In comparison it's a sprawling epic of oddity. I'm jealous.

Gene said...

I feel the need to comment because I live in Houston. This is awesome.

Trevor Johnson said...

I live in Beaumont, an hour and a half north of Houston.

NickAntosca said...

I've never been to Texas even though I'm from Louisiana.

No, I never had a pit bull or bulldog. I had a cat that we found by the river.

Michael Denmon said...

For some reason, I am really excited about the existence of water tigers off the coast of Houston. I live near Houston, and even though the idea of swimming bulldogs is a little disheartening, I am a fan.

I have very lucid dreams sometimes, dreams that make me feel like I am missing some type of life lesson if I do not write them down afterwards. In fact, I had a dream within a dream this morning. Somehow, I do not think that my dream would be as open for interpretaion, seeing as it involves Rosario Dawson.

That being said, I am looking forward to reading "Fires" when it comes out on Impetus Press. I will definitely pick it up.


NickAntosca said...