brothercyst: weekend

Monday, September 18, 2006


Although I woke up with a sore throat this morning, this past weekend had to be the best time I've had all year. Pure hedonism from beginning to end. Indifference to consequences. There's carnal pleasure in spending money carelessly. Late Saturday night EJ and I were in Central Park and there was a convention of police dogs. I'm just stating a fact: there was a convention of police dogs. Before that we ate an exhausting amount of sushi and oysters. On Sunday morning we had a breakfast of lobster bisque, crepes, eggs norwegian, hazelnut waffles, creme brulee, and sorbet. Last night we ate more. I'm reading a good book although I didn't read any of it this weekend.

Sunday afternoon on Spring Street a woman took pictures of us with an antique camera and we bought two of them. Here's a glamorous-looking one. The photo is so fuzzy and softened that you can't even tell I'm wearing glasses.

Tonight, of course, I am reading with other Impetus authors at KGB. If you're reading this you probably got the email about it. Either way you're invited. Should be interesting.

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