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Monday, October 16, 2006

behind the green door

Apparently there's a stellar sushi place on 47th St.--"the north side of the street, between 5th and 4th"--where there's no sign, only a green door, and no external indication whatsoever of a restaurant within. I heard about it from this old guy in my regular sushi bar who got really drunk and started talking about it, and who also unexpectedly picked up my fairly exorbitant check. He told me a bunch of other, in some cases quite disturbing, stories, but never mind that. This green door place, he claims it's the best sushi in the city. So I went looking for it today. I couldn't find it, so I stopped into one of the diamond stores in the area.

To the old woman there I said: "Odd question, sorry to bother you, but have you ever heard of this sushi restaurant around here...there's no sign, it's just a green door..."

Old Woman (heavy Israeli accent): "Uh, no idea, sorry..."

Young Woman Assistant, sidling over: "Best sushi in the city, right?"

Me: "Yeah, that's what I'm told."

YW: "I've actually heard about something like that, it's supposed to be right down there. No sign..."

So I go over in the direction she's pointing, and sure enough there's a blank storefront with a green door. Indeed, the whole front of this building is covered in this weird green metal pattern (the address is 15 W. 47th St., right by the Mercantile Library) and on the door there's a tiny piece of paper taped that says, "Call [number without area code] to be let in the door, thanks!" I try a bunch of area codes with the number, even though it should be 212 given the location, and none of the combinations connects me to anyone who has any idea what I'm talking about. I ask a woman from the Mercantile Library what the green place is, and she says, "Used to be a Japanese restaurant...I think they closed."

So I gave up for the afternoon, but I'm far from finished. Maybe I have the wrong storefront, or maybe I've been tricked.

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