brothercyst: birds did it

Saturday, October 28, 2006

birds did it

I just woke up from a strange dream in which I went to a Jewish-themed party where they were serving mashed potatoes and sauerkraut (which I'm fairly sure is not traditional Jewish food). In Brooklyn. People I knew were there, and war veterans gave short speeches, but no one clapped. A beautiful brunette got in the elevator to leave, so I got in the next elevator down. But the elevator tilted, and the further down it went, the more it started getting crushed, so the walls were closer and closer and metal was screeching. A little kid screamed. Downstairs, I got out shaken but alive. The girl was gone. I started wandering the city streets--in the rain--trying to get back to Wall Street. Someone pointed me toward a parking garage. Inside, I met a woman who spoke mostly Spanish and was trying to get home to her kids. Together we looked for the way out, but we were going lower and lower. Everything was filling with water. A ramp ended, blocked with wrecked cars, and we started climbing down some poles that were beside the ramp, trying to get further into the garage. But we were horrified to see that we weren't in the garage anymore, but sort of a half-swamp, half-junkyard. The poles were really trees, and everything below them was water. It was like the Everglades, the trees just coming out of the water, and no land to stand on. We had nowhere to go, and the garage and ramp had disappeared. The woman who spoke only Spanish was up to her mouth in water. Disgusting fish swam around in it. There was something wrong with them, they were bloated and could only swim very slowly. I was higher in the tree than the woman, who kept gasping, and I noticed that in a tree beside me, only two feet away, there was another person--an older guy with white hair. He was tied to the tree by his neck, with tight copper wire. He couldn't move. I said, "How did you get here?" And he said, "Ornithology."

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