brothercyst: muscles hurt

Sunday, October 08, 2006

muscles hurt

We hauled a beautiful 200+ lb. glass & iron table into my apartment yesterday evening; I'll be honest, it nearly broke me. I was in pain this morning. Unfortunately this morning I was also supposed to raft down the Hudson, from 56th St. to Battery Park. And I did. The rowing was fun but there was no rest. Now my muscles are screaming.

At midnight I saw the Borat movie at the New Yorker Festival. I enjoyed it, then returned to thinking about how good The Departed was.

Yesterday morning our vaguely bovine ex-roommate came (towing her vaguely, uh, glirine boyfriend, I think) to our apartment unannounced and took a bunch of furniture. That was a nasty thing to do. And yet, to paraphrase an insult dubiously attributed to Winston Churchill, in a week or two we'll have new furniture, but she'll still be fat, squealing, stupid, living with her parents in Jersey, and under the impression that hot pink is a really great color.

I think I might go see Departed again tonight. Or maybe go see Kelly Link at KGB Bar.


David said...

The correct Churchil quote is here:

Nina totally wanted to see Kelly Link but forgot about it, alas.

mademoiselle sand said...

took the furniture, did she?