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Thursday, October 26, 2006


This past month has been stressful.

Time for bullet points.
  • I was really sick, almost delirious.
  • Galleys stuff is happening, slowly. This is exciting.
  • I stopped seeing someone I was seeing for a long time.
  • Revising the other novel is making tears of blood come from my eyes. But I like it.
  • I got angry at someone in line for a movie and grabbed his neck and someone pulled me off.
  • A chubby person took all the furniture from our living room. How bad is it that when I'm angry at a fat person for something unrelated to their fatness, I repeatedly point out their fatness?
  • She wouldn't even be pretty if she were thin.
  • I bought so many books and they're sitting beside the bed, looking at me, like dogs, expecting me to read them.
  • It's hard not to grab people by the neck when they're pushy.
  • I stare at the ceiling a lot and feel full of rage.
  • I received an amount of money that seemed to me tremendous, and already it is gone and I have less money than I did before.
  • I went to an event where there were some people I really needed to talk to about something, and for some reason I didn't talk to them, and they left, and now I have to wait two weeks to get it over with. Fuck.
  • Somebody I trust keeps telling me I'm a horrible person. It's true.
  • I worried that Fires isn't going to be in many bookstores. And that people will have to already know it exists to buy it.
  • My roommate got hit in the head and her scalp was stapled and she seemed to be in a lot of pain.
  • It's cold.
  • I want to strangle almost everything I see, including intangible things, like good judgment. I'm going to lure good judgment into a back room with friendly talk, then strangle it slow.


Mina said...

You're one of the reasons he's dying inside.

NickAntosca said...

Who is?


fat isn't just a bodily trait. it's a way of life. that needs to be eradicated. quickly. but it's hard to keep the lines moving. b/c they're fat.

reader of depressing books said...

fat people

Mina said...


reader of depressing books said...


NickAntosca said...

You had a picture of Ned in your portrait book.