brothercyst: Bob Dylan at Meadowlands + Jack White

Friday, November 17, 2006

Bob Dylan at Meadowlands + Jack White

Saw Dylan play last night with Jack White--of the White Stripes--and the Raconteurs.* Very good show: Dylan turned "It's All Right Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" into a grinding, cruel hard rock song that was probably the single best number of the night. "All Along the Watchtower" was terrific, too. He played about half the new album. It was harsh, alive. White did a rambling, grimy cover of "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)." The difference in styles between the two performers was extreme. White hops and jumps and jokes all over the stage like a natural rock star, while Dylan still does his stoic bluesman act, never moving from his keyboard, not even really facing the audience, and not speaking except to introduce his band at the end. His voice is in stronger-than-expected shape, however, and at least to my untrained ear, both his band's playing and the arena's sound system were absolutely tops.

*Thanks, EJ.

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