brothercyst: Richard Grayson reading; deranged vagrant at B&N

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Richard Grayson reading; deranged vagrant at B&N

Christ, I am bored at work.

I saw Richard Grayson read last night. His story was excellent ("it's like a choice between hedonism and Hasidism" is one line) and I ate some crab and artichoke dip. You should read this collection by Grayson, and this one.

Afterward I was very far from the subway so I decided finally to walk over to KGB. There was a reading there but I didn't really like it. Then I went to Barnes and Noble to look for a book. As I walked in, two skinny girls about my age were in front of me. They weren't my type (their hair was deliberately grubby and they wore those spectacularly unflattering, supertight tapered hipster jeans that you used to see only on severely mentally disabled children) but they were young and cute enough that I noticed them. I also noticed them because a deranged vagrant was following them and hollering, "Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna follow you, yeah, yeah." His tone wasn't lascivious or mocking; he seemed to think they were friends. He was walking too close and they looked freaked out. This odd trio went up the stairs to the cafe (this was Astor Place B&N) and the girls tried to find seats where the vagrant couldn't sit by them, but he grabbed a chair and dragged it over, yelling, "Here, I got one for you, sit down, sit down." By now the whole cafe was was watching. The girls looked profoundly embarrassed. What I really wanted to do was grab the vagrant by the arm and exclaim, "Dad! I've been looking all over for you!"


Ned said...

dude nice vignette!

Daniel said...

great post nick, love the ending