brothercyst: less violent than thanksgiving football, technically

Friday, November 24, 2006

less violent than thanksgiving football, technically

If you're between the ages of 15 and 30 and you grew up anywhere near skateboarders (that is, pretty much anywhere in America) there's a decent chance you've seen this obnoxiously scored video clip of pro skater Mike Vallely getting into a parking lot brawl with "4 [j]ocks" who called him a "skater fag."

(Trivia: one of the guys standing around who breaks up the fight is Tony Hawk, and the cameraman is Bam Margera.) The clip is notorious for Vallely's apparently unflinching reaction to facing four aggressors and how quickly and brutally he knocks the grins off their faces. Now
here's one of the "4 [j]ocks" on the news, years later. He has a lot of gel in his hair. Apparently he just heard about the video and decided to sue, claiming he and his friends never said anything to provoke Vallely. I don't know. Vallely seems like an unbelievable hothead. But I find the guy's claim hard to believe. As one of the Youtube commenters says, "What a crybaby. If Vallely had been the one who started the fight, those douchebags wouldn't have all been circled around him with dumb grins on their faces."


Mike said...

That is a lot of gel.

Who is the big fellow with the cowboy hat at the end?

He is the real hero here.

NickAntosca said...

The guy in the cowboy hat is the driver of the skaters' tour bus. Apparently the "jocks" were making fun of that guy while Vallely was in the 7-11, then he came out and beat the shit out of them.

Mike said...

Oh, okay. That explains it more. How silly everything is.