brothercyst: reading & release date

Saturday, November 04, 2006

reading & release date

Two things. If you're reading this you probably got an email about the reading I'm doing next week. Info below. The Boxcar Lounge is small and strangely shaped, so arrive on time for decent seats.

November 8 - New York, NY
Class of 2007 Reading Series @ Boxcar Lounge
w/Nick Antosca
Tyler Antrim
Jami Attenberg (Host)
Ellis Avery
Bob Powers
8 PM

The other thing is that in the email I sent out, I got the release date of the novel wrong--it's not in two months, it's in like five or six weeks, so before Christmas. Like December 15. Cool.


Trevor Johnson said...

December 15th. Cool.

I should be appearing in Dispatch on December 15th. My first publication. Also cool.

NickAntosca said...

Congratulations--that's really cool. Hope all's well...