brothercyst: saturday in DC, at the Phillips

Sunday, November 26, 2006

saturday in DC, at the Phillips

Back in New York as of late last night. Managed to pirate wireless signal while in transit and spent part of the trip going over final text layout of Fires.

A large part of Saturday was spent in Washington, D.C., wandering with parents and brother. The Phillips Collection is one of the better art collections I have ever visited. (It caused my mother to say what she says whenever we go to a gallery: "Huh, this makes me want to go do art.") We saw some memorable Paul Klee pieces like

The Witch with the Comb:


Figure from the Oriental Stage:

Another piece that made me happy was Fugue by Nicolas de Staƫl, but it is useless to post an image, which can't convey the pleasing texture.

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