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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Home Land

On the bus ride home* I read most of Home Land, which I've been hearing about for well over a year. I've got maybe fifty pages left, but I love it. A Confederacy of Dunces has always had a special spot on the mantle of my heart, both because of its New Orleans setting and because I read it when I was very young, and Home Land is just as funny, just as good (all judgments pending my actual completion of the novel). I've heard other readers express exasperation with its wordplay and seemingly arbitrary plot but I had no problem with any of this. The wordplay is wonderful and patterning of language is almost Nabokovian. Sam Lipsyte is the first modern writer in a long time--since maybe Edward P. Jones--whose writing has made me think, "This guy has it--fully developed voice, talent, maybe genius."

*Fuck Greyhound. A 3.5 hour bus ride turned into 7 hours. First the police had to come on board to take away some horrible woman who refused to get off the bus after blatantly cutting in line. Our surly, trembling-with-rage driver could have handled this a lot better. Beside me a loudmouth obese lady was reading a paperback titled Soulful Strut. Later, we had to get a wheelchair-bound woman on board at another stop, and they couldn't figure out how to operate the lift, so we sat there for an hour or so...until she stood up from her wheelchair and just walked on board. And a great murmur arose as every passenger said to his or her seatmate, "She can walk?"


trevor johnson said...

Condederacy is one of my favorite books. Did you read his other book, Neon Bible?

I work at a postal facility, where I key digital images and they are rerouted. We are allowed to listen to music or whatever; I listen to books. It's not a bad setup. Another book I really enjoy is The World According to Garp, which I listened to last week. I'm listening to On The Road now, and if we work long enough I'll start Confederacy tonight. Otherwise, I'll start it tomorrow. It'll be the 6th time I've listened to it.

I listened to For Whom The Bell Tolls the week before last. Hem is pretty good too.

I'm a terribly slow reader, but I'll have to check out Home Land on my own time, if it's as good as Confederacy.

j is j said...

ha ha ha. that was the best part of the story " she can walk?".. my my. you could have made her carry her wheel chair. but i really like you did you upload a pic in to you profile?. i have a hard time uploading mine. can you tell me how? thanks.

NickAntosca said...

the picture of the heart? i can't remember...i think i posted in a post that i saved as a draft so it didn't show up on the site, then inserted the html for that post into the template for the blog. i'm not sure i understood your question, though.

trevor johnson said...

I think he means the pic of Fires to the right of your comment. He asked about uploading an image to your profile, and the heart isn't on that page, only your novel.

NickAntosca said...

I think there's just a field where you can do that on the settings that blogger provides.