brothercyst: kgb last night [updated with pictures & dog]

Sunday, December 17, 2006

kgb last night [updated with pictures & dog]

Last night's reading: a success. The crowd was far bigger than I had expected--people were backed up in the hallway outside the bar. The only time I remember seeing the place more packed was for Mark Z. Danielewski when Only Revolutions came out. Also, I have to say I was pleased at how many people I know showed up--EJ (of course), Richard Grayson, Mina K., Mina K.2, Lexy, Knighton, this guy, these guys, and many others to whom there are no immediately obvious hyperlinks.

The whole thing was videotaped and is being edited. Eventually (soon, I hope) video will be available.

It's fortunate that Suzanne hosted because otherwise there might simply have been too much young maleness. Ned read an extended, graphic, wry sex scene. Noah Cicero, as promised, appeared to have a breakdown/freakout on the dais, slamming the lectern so hard it sounded like something cracked--either a bone in his hand or the wood below. Noah,
who I met in person for the first time last night, is very fucking cool. I read two short sections of Fires. Tao went last and read a handful of his poems, including several of my favorites, like this great one.

To the people who couldn't come to the reading but emailed me to buy one of the commemorative proofs: thank you, and I will mail them on Monday. They should arrive very quickly.

Fires is now available to pre-order on

Here are some pictures [some people are having trouble seeing the pictures but when I click the links it looks fine to, sorry, well they'll be on the KGB website in a couple days anyway]:

The four readers.

Me reading.

Readers and friends.

Poets Tao Lin and Ellen Kennedy.

A random moment from my company's holiday party.

Dog is blind. Who will help?

Have a relaxing Sunday.


Noah Cicero said...

to nick and ned

thank you for inviting me.

i had a lot of fun.

Everybody was really nice.

I hope we get to do it again.


elmrockcity said...

Fuck, I missed the chance to meet Mina 1.0?

trevor johnson said...

Cool. The KGB Bar looks cozy and sort of ambient.

Tao Lin looks sort of like a serial killer. Mad at the world.

And the guy in the middle (in the company party photo) looks sort of like William Defoe. Sort of.

Will the four of you post the video on your respective sites, or will it be on KGBBarLit?

NickAntosca said...

Noah: Of course. I hope we do it again too. You guys should stay in the city longer than a couple hours. Not that I do anything fun. Just, you know, sit around.

Mina 2: You did. That occurred to me after I left. Thanks for coming though, I'm glad you made it. You made skeptical faces but I realized that's just a Mina-face.

Trevor: Tao Lin *is* a serial killer. I'm not sure about the video. Ned is doing something with it. Ideally it will go on Youtube or something.

elmrockcity said...

Apt observation. That guy Tao--his poems are like John Lurie prints.

Richard said...

It was an excellent reading, the best I've been to at KGB. (And I first went there in 1993.)

NickAntosca said...

Thanks, Richard. And thanks for coming. I thought it went well, too.

Mina, you are right. I have incorporated that into my post. That's the guy from Fishing with John.

Yeasties said...

i'm a serial killer


the reading was the bomb. apparently I look like William Dafoe (sort of, sort of!). This is a good day. I'm going to jump off a swingset on the edge of a cliff the looks out over shark-infested waters while slitting my wrists. once I get home from work.

Yeasties said...

what is happening with the video? can ned put it on youtube?

Yeasties said...

what is happening with the video? can ned put it on youtube?

NickAntosca said...

i really don't know. he's gonna be traveling for a bit. in the meantime the footage is being edited by "camilo"