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Saturday, December 02, 2006

last night & biblio

Last night I was stuck at work late and then went directly to EJ's house because we were going to the Guggenheim. We were supposed to meet my roommate and her friend, who would then be able to wait in the member's line because I'm a member. But EJ and I smoked a lot and she has a problem where, when she smokes a lot, clothes confuse her and she can't decide which ones to put on. And then we were late, and in the cab over we got caught in traffic, and some tourists were ahead of us, and the little kids in the back started waving at us, and we were waving back and making shadow puppets and it seemed to go on for like ten minutes, I think the parents got a bit concerned--anyway, we ended up being more than a half hour late. By that point my roommate and her friend had gotten kicked out of the member's line since they weren't with a member, so they were stuck in a line behind maybe a thousand people. So I felt bad about that. Even the member's line took forever. Inside it was horribly crowded. But I was pretty out of it and had a good time. I had seen the exhibit once before when it opened, but this was like seeing it brand new. Then we left and went to eat, but we ate so much that we got sick. I still feel strange and things echo when I touch them.

Also, oddly, here is Biblio with Fires already. Trevor emailed me to ask when it'll be available...don't worry, soon. The physical books haven't even been printed yet (so, clearly, they won't be by December 15th, although there will be 15 "commemorative" copies printed up specially for the Dec. 16th reading, so if you show up there you can get one). It'll be available online for pre-order in a bunch of other places soon, should be the major ones plus the Impetus website, and by spring it should be available in stores like Barnes & Noble, etc.

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Trevor Johnson said...

Have you ever considered posting a video of a reading, if it's cool with the place hosting the reading? Like Noah has done lately on his blog. I'd like to go, but I live in Texas (the humid armpit of the country).