brothercyst: soy milk, which i love

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

soy milk, which i love

Crazy article. I drink probably half a container of soy milk every day. Ian D., please confirm that this isn't, you know, altering my sexual orientation.


Tao said...

all males should drink more soy milk, this is good news

Impetus Press said...

I don't buy the soy/estrogen arguement. I was raised on tofu and have yet to see any signs of it altering my sexuality in any way, shape or form.

And the thing that this article fails to mention is the fact that soy products are found in countless food products that aren't considered health food . . . which kind of punches a hole in his arguement.

NickAntosca said...

Unable to log into blogger at work, Ian emailed me his response directly and said it was all right if I post it:


Where did you dredge up this article?

I wouldn't worry about it. Soy products do contain phytoestrogens, which, in fact, do act similarly to our endogenous estrogens. What the idiot in the article doesn't know is that they are very weak estrogens, and in many cases competitively inhibit the body's endogenous estrogens (causing in females a hypoestrogenic stimulus in total, and a +/- effect in males -- this is because all males aromatize their androgens into estrogens, which are then processed and eliminated).

And even if somehow soy has a pro-estrogenic effect in men, it's probably nothing to worry about. There's a reason women live at least five years longer than us on average -- estrogen.

If you want to worry about something, worry about the environmental endocrine disruptors to which we are exposed on a daily basis. Remember dioxin, the insecticide? Entire species of amphibians are becoming extinct because the males cannot reproduce -- simply because dioxin is such a potent synthetic estrogen that it completely disrupts the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. And guess what -- when we eat any meat ( i.e. food high up on the food chain) we encounter concentrated amounts of the endocrine disrupting chemicals that the farming industry uses on its crops. So if there's a problem with our children turning into androgynous, estrogen-overloaded freaks, I would look first at pesticides and other chemicals.

Bottom line: soy hasn't ever been shown to cause cancer, to shorten life, to emasculate men, to create homosexuality, or to be promulgated by Satan. Is there a chance that drinking a lot of soy milk might increase your estrogen exposure? Yeah, probably. But it's highly unlikely to have any deleterious effects on your health, penis size, or anything else.

Hope that helps.

NickAntosca said...

That *does* help, Ian. Thanks!