brothercyst: this will be a week of incredible slothfulness

Thursday, December 28, 2006

this will be a week of incredible slothfulness

And I will entertain no thoughts of substance.

Therefore I will be watching movies.

I saw
Apocalypto. I liked the running part. You know, when they ran.

Speaking of Mel Gibson, Lethal Weapon was on Cinemax last night. I had forgotten what an awesome and awesomely brutal movie it was. Really the ultimate eighties action film.* [update: No, you know what, I saw it again and decided it sucks except for any scenes in the last twenty minutes involving Gary Busey.]

And Point Break** was on, too. Another of the maybe seven or eight great modern action films. [update: I saw Point Break again, too, and it only gets better. What a delightful movie.]

(A list which also includes: Die Hard With a Vengeance, Raiders of the Lost Ark [more an "adventure" than an "action" film, but still],
maybe Speed, definitely Terminator 2 and Aliens...)

Also, Vizzini is trapped in Prague and becoming a danger to himself again.

* I love how they're called "action" films. I mean, they are, after all, "moving pictures."

** Kathryn Bigelow's
Point Break is the most underrated action film. It contains not only what I consider the single most pleasing chase scene ever filmed (Keanu Reeves in pursuit of a tuxedoed bank robber in a Reagan mask), but also a climactic confrontation between skydivers (one with a parachute, one without) that is uniquely ingenious, at least in my viewing of action movies.


Diala said...

They're playing "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" at theatres near me...

NickAntosca said...

Just opened, did it?

Tight toy night said...

You just wrote that Lethal Weapon sucks while Point Break is the most underrated action movie ever.

Not only could you not be more wrong, I literally cannot fathom--CANNOT FATHOM--your state of mind.

NickAntosca said...

You know, Lethal Weapon just doesn't make much sense, and the action is fairly lame (especially compared to its peer, the original Die Hard). Gibson being tortured and then escaping is a charged scene, as is the (UTTERLY nonsensical) fight on Glover's lawn at the end (Glover shouting "Break his FUCKIN' NECK!" is the high point), but the movie itself...kinda stupid.

Point Break, on the other hand, is just pure pleasure. Ronald Reagan dashing through kiddie pools and suburban houses, throwing a bulldog at the increasingly harried Keanu Reeves? What a great scene! Keanu jumping without a chute at the end? Suicidal awesomeness! Compared to that, Martin Riggs leaping off a building while cuffed to a potential jumper is NOTHING.