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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Fires got free of customs and is in the hands of the publisher, finally. Copies ordered on the Impetus website will be shipped today, I think. Amazon copies will ship shortly.


The manuscript I've just finished touching up, formerly titled both The Graves and Love Misery, is now called something else. This will be the final title.


Last night, I had staggeringly good sushi. Otoro, at its best the most delicious food on planet earth. Uni, absurd and delightful. Like eating a giant cat tongue made of orange cream.


Remington, my classmate from college, wrote some stuff about Fires on his blog. This is cool. It's the most comprehensive thing that's publically available about the book.


EJ took me to Les Miserables last night. Neither of us knows the first thing about musical theater. I have never been to any play/production of any kind in New York. It was time, for life-checklist purposes, to see one. Five minutes before it started, I said, "So what is this thing?" She said, "It's like a love story set during the Vietnam war." I said, "It is? I thought it was in the about a guy who steals some bread." Her eyes widened a bit. "Maybe it is," she said carefully.


Little Miss Nomad said...

I rather like the title, Love Misery.

NickAntosca said...

Well, you're the only one.

That is, except me. I rather like it, too.