brothercyst: Oldboy & Virginia Tech

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oldboy & Virginia Tech

Oh man--that's unfortunate.

And despite what this guy thinks, I suspect the similarity is deliberate.

Gun enthusiasts must be relieved.

Someone'll soon point out fairly obvious similarities in other Cho photos to signature images from The Replacement Killers, Taxi Driver, and The Killer. It's the hammer that makes Oldboy unmistakable, though. I just sighed when I saw that yesterday, and then two hours later it was on the front of the New York Times website.


Tao Lin said...

if he wanted people to know he liked 'old boy' or something he would have used one hand and cropped it differently. there's no similarity at all to me except they are both holding hammers.

NickAntosca said...

Yeah, but I doubt he had that film still to look at while doing his photo shoot. Probably just mimicked the pose from memory. To anyone who's seen Oldboy, that's an iconic image. Why else would he pose with a hammer raised over his right shoulder, making an angry face at the camera? Hammers aren't really a standard mass murder weapon.