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Friday, April 06, 2007

still sick, but happy

Grindhouse was pure pleasure. So long and packed with delights. And so much better and more fun than real grindhouse movies, which are almost always shitty and tedious. Grindhouse is like watching TV all night on the best channel ever.

Both movies were fucking great. I expected to love Death Proof, but Planet Terror was a surprise. I've never enjoyed a Robert Rodriguez movie, really. But this one is so, so good.

  • Rose McGowan's opening montage, which perfectly captured the leering angles and sleazy glamour of trash '70s sexploitation flicks.
  • Rose McGowan
  • Michael Biehn and Tom Savini (the legendary makeup artist) as cops in Planet Terror
  • the crazy babysitter twins
  • Marley Shelton breaking her hand in the car door while escaping zombies, then picking up her kid who insists on bringing his turtle, his tarantula, and his scorpion, which "can all live in the same cage"
  • the amazing fake trailers for Machete and Thanksgiving
  • the opening foot fetish shot in Death Proof
  • Stuntman Mike's "book"...and Kurt Russell in general
  • Rosario Dawson
  • Zoe Bell playing herself and doing ridiculous stuntwoman work
  • Death Proof's applause-worthy ending (which, indeed, got a Times Square audience ovation)
One serious complaint (maybe don't read without seeing):
  • the missing reel in Death Proof...fuck that. An awesome, ingenious way to do that would have been to insert the missing reel later on in the film, right in the middle of the car chase, as if the reels got mixed up in the projection booth. A mid-car-chase lapdance? That would have gotten a standing ovation. (After all, seems like the footage was shot, because it looks like some of it's in the trailer.)

Also, we saw it with a really perfect audience. Beside us were four or five guys with gold jewelry and huge baggy jackets loudly calling each other "bitch-ass nigga" this and "motherfucker" that and asking the screen for "more titties." Any other movie and I'd have been enraged. But this was exactly the right audience for Grindhouse. And shockingly, they knew their shit! They recognized Eli Roth when he came onscreen...when Tom Savini appeared I heard them talking about "old Dawn of the Dead"...they knew what Vanishing Point the end, I really liked these guys.

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