Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm putting together a collection of short fiction. I think it will maybe have five or six stories. I'm still deciding what stories to include. Killing Old Friends and Family will be the title, I think.

Some stories that might be in it:

"Winter Was Hard": Stabbing and drowning; revenge.

"Migrations": Aliens or something.

"Mammals": Serial killer who wins the Lotto.

"Burials": Helping dad kill a neighbor in the woods.

"Soon You Will Be Gone and Possibly Eaten": Aliens.

"Sexual Anthology": Sex, brain tumor, sexual fantasy about severed heads.

"The Early Years, Before His Great Adventures": Boerboel.

Maybe some others.

"Sexual Anthology" was published in New York Tyrant, "Mammals" is supposed to be on Identity Theory this summer, "The Early Years..." is supposed to be on The Barcelona Review soon, I think, and "Winter Was Hard" is supposed to be in a U.K. magazine called Short Fiction in the fall.

"Migrations," "Burials," and "Soon You Will Be Gone..." haven't been published or accepted anywhere. Someone should really publish them--I've been thinking about it, and I've decided that. That someone should publish them. Fiction editors of prestigious magazines, your attention please.


GaysforRomney said...

Congratulations on your "Amphibian" story being chosen as one of the Notable Stories of 2006 in the Million Writers Award.

Nick said...

oh, it was? do you have a link?

Jackie Corley said...

Notable Stories 2006

i was a judge and "amphibian" was one of the 10 stories i picked. a solid work.

my best,

Nick said...

Thank you, that is very cool. I'm happy. I have another story in Identity Theory this summer, I think. best,

S. Burgess said...

I am formally soliciting another story from you for alice blue. We had really lousy submissions for this upcoming issue.

Nick said...

Okay. I just saw this right this second. What is your email again?

Nick said...

never mind, i just sent one