brothercyst: publishing's a bitch

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

publishing's a bitch

tonight i was talking to quite a few other writers--all young-ish novelists, none above their early thirties. some got rich deals for their first books; others, like me, published on independent presses for pretty much no financial reward. of them, only one has easily found a publisher for his/her most recent book. everyone is fatalistic and frustrated. i've got two new novels, one maybe novella, and maybe a collection. Midnight Picnic is written but rough. Strangelets doesn't exist beyond a few pages and may never, or may yet--too early to know. i think/hope Impetus will be publishing another of my novels. everything feels like thin ice and i feel largely indifferent, except that a) i want money and b) i want to write without any consciousness or consideration of money. see title of post.

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