Monday, May 07, 2007

Something's bothering me and it's not something I can get rid of. It's entirely external. I'm waiting on the inclinations of others.



Danielle said...

in a rather roundabout way, i recently came across your interview with identity theory, then i remembered reading your short story on nerve, and eventually came across your blog... anyway, i bought and read your book, and for lack of a better word, it was really refreshing and entirely new. i like to think of myself as a writer, and i'm about to graduate with an english degree, so to see someone doing what he/she loves that's also something that i want to do one day, is really great.

so, in light of this entry, i hope this made you feel better. :)

Nick said...

Cool. I'm glad you enjoyed the book and thanks very much for telling me. I feel a little better, briefly. I hope your writing goes well.