brothercyst: eating the creatures of the sea

Thursday, June 14, 2007

eating the creatures of the sea

A question for the few readers of this blog--is there any rational reason to become a vegetarian who doesn't eat seafood? (I know there are seemingly rational arguments for becoming a vegetarian who doesn't eat, say, cows and pigs. But I like eating them. Interesting piece about vegetarianism.)

Particularly shellfish--oysters, etc? Does an oyster feel pain?


Colin Holter said...

Are you worried about heavy metals - mercury, chromium, etc? They can accumulate in shellfish, as I'm sure you're aware.

In terms of their feelings and everything, the hell with them.

Nick said...

No, I was thinking more in terms of ethical arguments.

Heavy metals accumulate in fish, too. I wonder if I'm fucking myself up by eating too much sushi.

GaysforRomney said...

1. I hated fish even when I ate meat.

2. Shellfish, lobsters, etc. are trayfe.