Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I wrote an essay for The L Magazine's Book issue.


I'd like to take a moment just to duly note that last night's reading at KGB Bar was pretty insane. Mike Edison and I were the only readers. It started about an hour late, but that was fine because there were a lot of people there--50 or 60. I'd never seen almost any of them before. (Exactly 4 came to see me: EJ, Marty, his girlfriend Jess, and my friend David, who gave me a copy of Norman Mailer's Tough Guys Don't Dance, which I've never read but will now.) I read a passage I've never read before and hadn't really re-read beforehand--I felt like it was a little awkward but at this point I've done so many readings...whatever. A nice girl bought a copy of the book. Then Mike Edison read, which was the insane part. His band, which I think is called Edison Rocket Train, accompanied him. They played kind of like--I don't know, the Lounge Lizards? Do you know the Lounge Lizards? With John Lurie? They're terrific. So is Edison Rocket Train. Mike read about working in porn and at High Times and so forth, smoking "cocaine cigarettes" and...I can't remember, but it was "intense." Unusual and pleasing reading.

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Alex said...

I like this piece a lot.

By the way, in reference to the post below, ladies and gentlemen, my Ted Nugent impression:

"Today I woke up in my mountain cabin and breathed in the air. That's when I realized that no other country in the world has the freedoms we have."