Friday, June 08, 2007

[Marty]: do you ever feel cheated that the decade of your youth is going to be remembered as one of the shittiest ever, politically and culturally?

[me]: no, it's fine


Little Miss Nomad said...

Really, the 90s was the decade of our youth. This is more like the decade of our desensitization. Also, I don't think you can assume this decade will go down as the worst, culturally. I mean, there's still the '80s, and this decade has had the decency to provide us with, in television Lost and the Sopranos, in movies Pan's Labyrinth and Million Dollar Baby, in books Half of a Yellow Sun and The Road, and in music... well, Kanye West did some pretty cool stuff. The Coast of Utopia and Norbit not withstanding, I think we're doing pretty okay culturally. Politically is a whole other kettle of fish... I've never understood who would put fish in a kettle, but I think if anyone would, it's the people who run this country...

Ned said...

Politically is one thing... Culturally I think it's been a great decade.

BOOKS (such a small list, not in order, just things that pop into my mind)
The Fortress of Solitude
What is the What
The Condemned
Everyting is Illuminated
Nick's books
Your books
Tao Lin's books and online stuff
Michael Crichton State of Fear (fuck you guys)
George Tabb (surfing armageddon)
John Straugbaugh's cultural criticism
Oracle Night
Absurdistan which I have to re-read which has the best metaphors of anything I've ever read

The Sopranos
Rome 1st season
people seem to like Lost

I hate them at first but The Strokes
Our boys in the Harlem Shakes
Bad Wizard
Atomic Bitchwax (RIP)
Eminem, duh!

I have weird taste in movies, but for me...
Star Wars Episode II
The Hills Have Eye
...and Pan's Labrynth was cool.

In times of political upheaval, the artists are on their A-game.