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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

HuffPost, reading, germs, YM&Fire

Here is a Huffington Post thing I wrote about Miranda July's story collection and the attention it's getting.

Reading again tonight at KGB with Mike Edison, because the last time was a lot of fun. Again, Mike's band will be playing. I'll basically be opening for them.

A couple days before I went to Ohio last week I felt nauseated and got a sore throat. The nausea went away but the sore throat didn't. It stuck around through Ohio, through Mosquito Lake and the "forest ghetto" and the strippers and the two planes rides, and it's still not gone. It's going, but not fully gone. New York germs are just absolutely horrific. This shit never used to hit me in New Haven, and I'm living a much, much healthier lifestyle now than I did then--my immune system should be able to just slap this garbage around. Fucking Darwinian bugs.

Young Men and Fire. I've written about this before... amazing book. Here's a short thing I wrote about it. First published I think last month in Post Road.

Page One

Page Two


Greg said...


I've told you before how much I enjoy it when you tell the truth. July is boring--the only way her story in the New Yorker (in the summer fiction issue, for crissakes) would be worth listening to is if some hot chick at a party were telling it you, and you were straining to maintain your best "attentive" male face.

Nice smackdown.

Nick said...

Yes, I would definitely have liked her stories better under those circumstances.

I don't think it's really a 'smackdown"'s not intended to be...I just felt really agitated and depressed, for the stated reasons, after I finished reading the collection and then I wrote this.

The only commenter is a July fan who thinks that because Adam Haslett was my professor I'm a fan of his. I'm pretty indifferent to his collection too, although there were I think two I really liked.