brothercyst: new Huffington Post post + strange WWII dream

Monday, July 23, 2007

new Huffington Post post + strange WWII dream

I wrote a profile-thing of Noah Cicero for Huffington Post.

Everybody who reads this site already knows who Noah is and has maybe read some of his books. (You can download Treatise for free, you know.) But ideally some HP readers will get an introduction.


Memorable dream last night. Dreamed I was part of some espionage group that was infiltrating a compound in Nazi Germany. It was kind of a park-like place, laid out like Yale, with big quads and then buildings with many rooms.

We had entered the complex of buildings undetected and had to move stealthily. Nazi soldiers were always coming down the halls.

The thing was, a lot of rooms were often empty, but they had been set up for meetings that had been canceled or something. It seemed the Nazis ate a lot of desserts, because the tables were covered with bowls of whipped cream and strawberries and plates of delicious cakes and pastries. I just kept eating these delicious cakes and creamy desserts.


Richard said...

Exquisitely written, it will be even better if it informs people about Noah's work.

He was bitten by a brown recluse?

Nick said...


Bobby Farouk said...

Noah cuts a somewhat darkly romantic figure in your HP piece. Which he should.

The desserts in your dream represent your excellent grades in high school.

Nick said...

I had only above-average grades in high school, unfortunately.