Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Man, I cannot wait to see this movie. Paul Greengrass is getting up there with Park Chan-wook as one of my favorite modern directors.


Tao Lin sent me some questions about my HuffPo Noah Cicero piece from yesterday. That Q&A is posted on 3 AM Magazine HERE.


Interview with Lexy Benaim of the Harlem Shakes; is good; mentions Fires. Their EP , as I've said before, is a very good one...


Look at this. But how are they defining "obesity"? Using the body mass index? Hasn't the definition changed during the time period shown?

In other news, I've begun writing a novel about the "obesity epidemic" in America.


Ian said...

Body mass index is the most unreliable piece of shite ever conjured up by biomedical statisticians. I ranted about it at length on my blog a while back:

Suffice it to say that the graphic on the website utilized a terribly flawed metric, along with what is likely terribly flawed data collection. For intance: at the outset of state health departments' telephone polling efforts, who are most likely to participate? Aha, the fittest folks, who are proudest of their leanness. And as time wears on and the health departments drum up more participation, they start to reach out to the more average, sedentary folks, thereby driving up their average BMI numbers. And that's just one way these numbers could be flawed. I could go on, but I need to wake up in five hours and work another f*&%ing 16 hour day.

Lies, damn lies, and...

Nick said...

You're back!

Nick said...

Ian, a question if you check back after your 16 hour day. If you don't have time to answer it, no worries.

What happens to a person with very high metabolism if that person exercises regularly and eats healthy food like fruits and vegetables and whole grains and fish and peanut butter and so on, but also eats tremendous amounts of delicious cakes and creamy desserts and sorbets and apple galettes? Is that person "healthy"? Will that person be...lean?

trevor johnson said...

I have a draft dealing with obesity also. and immigration. just a story though. I can't seem to get it right. it involves fictitious international council in the future and I loathe politics so I don't know how proceedings should go and everything feels stilted and contrived. can't make myself watch CSPAN to see how it should (could) be done.

Ian said...

Hey Nick,

It's all about calories in versus calories out. You can certainly be lean with a crappy diet, if your activity level and metabolism balance the intake ("If the engine is hot enough, it'll burn anything." -- from Once a Runner, a novel). That said, eating a lot of saturated fats and trans fats in junk food will likely contribute to atherosclerosis over time, thereby increasing your ultimate risk of heart disease and stroke, even if you are otherwise healthy.

As far as "healthy" is concerned, that's pretty subjective in my experience. I've had a patient with a malignant (<6 mo to live) brain tumor tell me, "I'm really very healthy overall." One could contend that she was wrong, but if she felt good, then why couldn't she be healthy? In a sense, at least. Anyhow, I'm rambling. Time for bed, and a 30 hour call shift tomorrow.

Nick said...

Intriguing. One can look good and still be "unhealthy"? I am shocked!