brothercyst: Iowa

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Briefly back in New York this evening; will leave again tomorrow for my grandmother's 90th birthday party.

Iowa: highly pleasing. Iowa City is a college town with good food. Impetus brought me out there, took me out to eat a lot, then we went to Prairie Lights Bookstore and did a reading. A lot of people came; it was a success. People from Boundoff. Other people--college students, some high school students. A chef. I can't remember. Everyone was nice. I signed like twenty-five copies of my book. The reading was for this radio show, which is on the Iowa affiliate of NPR. Then they interviewed us--mostly Jennifer and Willy, since it was about the press. The show is called 'Live from Prairie Lights,' but it's not actually live. It'll be broadcast, then available online, in the next week, I think.

After the reading we had a delicious meal of triple-grilled Kobe beef with bleu cheese mashed potatoes. This was really excellent. My publishers know how much I like food. This is good. Then I just sat around in my hotel room. Impetus arranged all this and it was very large and good.

I saw a copy of the Daily Iowan while I was there. Apparently it is a student-run newspaper that publishes in the summer--astonishing. Vanessa Veiock wrote a review of Fires; it is rather bracingly enthusiastic.

On the plane I read over Midnight Picnic and did some editing. All is well. Life is good today and yesterday was also very good. This is a good month, except when people annoy me.


Bobby Farouk said...

Of course all is well. You have a 90 year-old grandma and you are going to help her celebrate her birthday.

Ned said...

Cograts on being flown out on somebody's dime!

Like half your posts mention food.

Nick said...

She actually wasn't turning 90. Not until winter. But we wanted to throw her party in the summer. I didn't know that until I was there.

Ned, I love food.