Monday, July 02, 2007

Tonight's reading at McNally Robinson was very crowded, at least 60 people in the audience, and the bookstore is nice. I liked all the readers. I signed a lot of copies of Fires. I like signing books.

Any pleasure I might have derived from this very successful reading, however, was imperiled by an audience member who attended, sat quietly in the back throughout the entire event, and then berated me on the street afterward with furious accusations. I'm sure it didn't help that this person, who I usually like a great deal, was the basis for a character in the story I read. All in all, an evening as problematic as it was rewarding.


Tao Lin said...

it was a good reading. we stood side by side signing many books.

Nick said...

yes we did.

trevor johnson said...

I read somewhere that Tao doesn't sign books but instead draws little cartoon doodles (of hamsters or bears or moose?). That's good. I like the idea.

Did you guys sign the books you gave each other, or is that only for acquaintances and strangers? (Nick personalized a commemorative copy I bought, and I was highly pleased. I was going to lend it out, but decided against it. I just finished Paul Neilan's Apathy and Other Small Victories and will reread Fires again soon.)

Nick said...

tao signed my book, "bitches and hos -philip roth" or something like that. it's good. i just sign my books. once in a while i draw an eye or a rabid bulldog.

Rebecca said...

I usually dislike asking for so-called autographs, but now regret that I didn't ask either of you to sign. A bulldog or "Philip Roth" quote would have been nice.

(I, by the way, was the girl who awkwardly almost-maybe-half-air-shook your hand while standing next to Nelly. Also, I found your blog via Nerve. It's good. And simple and unassuming. I like it.)

Nick said...

Rebecca, I can't remember an awkward handshake, so that's fine.

If you email me at, I will send you a rabid bulldog.