brothercyst: walken + codex s

Sunday, July 29, 2007

walken + codex s

Long strange weekend. Very strange. Not over yet. Look: Christopher Walken cooking a chicken.


Yesterday I had the opportunity to look over a copy of Codex Seraphinianus. My friend David at the NYPL set this up. You can't take the book out but you can look at it. I only had about twenty minutes so I'll probably go back and pore over it again sometime. It really is lovely.

I only had my shitty camera phone--the RAZR is terrible; never buy it; you already know this--but I took some pictures. The quality is terrible but if you are curious about this strange book, which is written in a language of the author's creation (and it may be gibberish) click on a few and you will get at least an idea of what it is.


Recursive bird hatching

Strange chicken

Strange fruits and vegetables

Death/life procedure


Bobby Farouk said...

Posting on Codex Seraphinianus somehow compliments the Christopher Walken cooking a chicken clip.

Nick said...

i know, right?