brothercyst: Mammals + HP interview + sex & IQ + crustaceans

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mammals + HP interview + sex & IQ + crustaceans

I have a story on Identity Theory today.


Posted an in-depth, professional, hard-hitting interview with literary wunderkind Helen Oyeyemi on the Huffington Post. (Apparently "the cut-and-paste Gchat aspect of it didn't go over well" with the Huffington Post editors, however...too bad!)


Sex and intelligence. I mean, this is kind of intuitively plausible for the high school set. Certainly it reconciles comfortably with my experience/observations. Some of the data that appears later seems a little bizarre, though--only 56% of Princeton undergrads have had sex? Only 59% at Harvard? Difficult to believe.


There's general agreement: the third Bourne thing is fucking awesome. And it is.


I'm leaving town briefly this weekend to go see family, mostly because I want to go to the movies with my little brother. Talked to Impetus yesterday--they've signed a bunch of new authors. More news soon. Lot of free food lately.


Noah Cicero said...

concerning sex and intelligence.

The people they view as intelligent are people from the leisure class who have supportive educated parents and have money to keep a stable environment.

getting good grades requires dicipline not intelligence.

The reason they don't have sex as much is that people from white collar environments are less connected to the phsyical, they live a less tactile existence.

People who work with their bodies and who survive using their bodies are more body connected.

Two blue collar people who have worked their bodies all their lives enjoy sex much more than white collar people.

The more leisure one has, the more neurosis one has, and with more neurosis comes less sex drive.

Another thing also is that poorer and the uneducated do consider social mores as much as white collar people. So they openly speak of sex and allow more sexual things to get in front of their kid's eyes.

There are a lot of reasons for this, and that person didn't see one.

But i'm sure that person considers themselves "intelligent."

Nick said...

By "white collar environments" do you mean middle-class, or middle-class *and* upper class? I think upper class (I'm speaking financially) people tend to have a lot of sex. Anyway this is a very interesting analysis of the purported study results, Noah. If I take issue with it, it's not because I think your analysis is wrong, it's because I think the study is wrong. There's no way there are that many virgins at those schools--not possible, no way. Yale wasn't quite a free love commune, but a lot of people had a lot of sex. It's a college like any other college and so are Harvard and Princeton.