Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I reviewed a very interesting novel called In Her Absence.


Today is a horrible, disgusting day in New York City. It is muggy and sick and nauseating. The trains are broken. I was stuck on one for forty minutes this morning, and in the sickening subway station for twenty minutes before that. Started throwing up shortly after I got off, totally nauseous. I'm still sick now. My stomach feels like a shark fin keeps cutting through it. Back at home, trying to sleep.


Alex said...

I like that the protagonist of "In Her Absence" is named Mario Lopez.

It's Friday night, and I'm not feeling up to making well-constructed jokes. So I will leave the following punchlines for others to craft setups around:
Greg Louganis The Other Half A.C. Slater Kelly Kapowski Jessie Spano Marc-Paul Gosselaar Dick Clark Danny Bonaduce.

Nick said...

This comment went right over my head.