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Friday, September 07, 2007

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Caught In the Valley of Elah screening last night. First half is powerful movie about grief and loss, second half is where contrivances start to sneak in, terrible song at the end. Overall not bad though. Tommy Lee Jones and his saddlebag ears are great. Reception afterward where rich old man tried to give me weed.

Started reading new book, seems good. Archipelago's an excellent press.

I don't know why people complain about those American Apparel ads that are all over New York. "Look underage" this, "in poor taste" that. I think they're great. I like how they seem to be shot on Polaroid and just look sort of unglamorous and slouchingly sexual. (They remind me of one of the best music videos of all time: Mark Romanek's video for Fiona Apple's "Criminal.") Glossy Ambercrombie and Fitch models bore me. The AA ads are sexy.


Maria said...

I would be extremely happy if I never heard "Ambercrombie and Fitch" again for the rest of my life.

Ian said...

I re-watched that Fiona Apple video, something I haven't seen in years.

There's something to be said for the vegan physique--the bony prominences and shadowy concavities that should, by all accounts, be the unattractive hallmarks of emaciation, but somehow wind up seeming enormously sexy.

mademoiselle sand said...

the american apparel aesthetic is terribly ugly. ugh.

Nick said...

Maria--Fair. I do have a nice pair of jeans from them that I bought on eBay however. Hate those ads though.

Ian--I have a bunch of Romanek videos on DVD...most are mediocre but there are two great ones, maybe my two favorite videos ever: the Fiona Apple one and the Johnny Cash "Hurt" video.

Mme Sand--Yes, they are kind of ugly. Also sexy.

Miles Newbold Clark said...

Any effort to render ugly, or even merely passably attractive, people as genuinely attractive through observance of certain platonic-ideal tropes of postured sexiness (as opposed to manufacturing sexiness through the latest technological feats of airbrushing) is different. Anything that is different deserves at least some acknowledgment, if only for the sake of critical appraisal; as opposed to things that are common, which require only our approval or dismissal.

Hooray for AA ads, which I can ogle in the name of criticism, instead of mere perversity.

Nick said...

well done, sir