Friday, September 21, 2007

online conversation w/ female friend who invited a guy on tuesday to a movie tonight and was alarmed when he waited three days to accept. still wants to go, but...

her: but i don't want him to think that my only plan for tonight was to go and see a film alone
even though it is true
also i'm sort of annoyed that he took so long

me: as would i be
bring a friend along, then, so it doesnt seem as if you were to go alone

her: hm
no friend will go

me: i would offer, but i'm going to see a film alone


Michelle said...

she should make like she was planning to go with a friend, and then tell the guy that the friend cancelled on her. that's what i would do.

mademoiselle sand said...

you're both dorks

Maria said...

you're both dorks
lol, yes!