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Sunday, October 07, 2007

strange music

Last week I participated in one concert and saw another one. The one I participated in was done by Steve Antosca (my dad, a composer), Lina Bahn (a violinist), and Colin Oldham (an inventor of instruments). This was at The Stone, John Zorn's club on 2nd Street. There were two violin/distortion pieces, and then one longer electronic composition. I read a Neruda poem with voice distortion and some death scenes from Flannery O'Connor. It went really well, and we got paid. One of the guys in the audience was from the Kronos Quartet, which is perfect because the next day we went to see them play at BAM. They played accompanied by an ominous 15-foot wooden puppet (its heart opened up to reveal a velvet-lined stage for other puppets) created by Lounge Lizard Erik Sanko, who also composed the (excellent) piece they premiered, Dear Mme. Then they played a piece called Uniko, which was fucking amazing. Kimmo Pohjonen and Samuli Kosminen, the composers of that piece, performed with them (sampling and distorting, and also just playing) and were terrific.


Colin Holter said...

I got the email about that performance at The Stone; I wish I'd been in NYC to hear it.

Alex said...

I'm sorry I missed it too. Cool about the Kronos Quartet. They play on my (it's pretentious, but here I go) personal favorite song ever, "Spiritual" by Tom Verlaine, an instrumental track with his guitar backed by their strings. Just stunningly gorgeous.

I'm glad the concert you and your dad gave went well too.

Little Miss Nomad said...

Hey, Kelly Link's got a story at Tin House... think you'll like it.